BuiltDroneCo is an online Unmanned Aerial Vehicle dealer, welcoming new and returning customers.  We specialize in UAV repairs and in the creation of useful drones.  Our online Inventory ranges from entry level packages for those just getting started, to the most prestigious video/photography platforms in the entire industry. We also carry a large array of parts and accessories for those specialized DIY builds. Our group knowledge is here to help you understand the fundamentals of building your own drones. With our guidance you will be soldering wires and flying in no time.  From consumer drones, parts and accessories, to professional drone repair, DIY projects, and custom drones; you will discover we are a one-stop shop for all your UAV needs. Our team is comprised of highly skilled individuals with unique backgrounds, all focused on creating an engaging and memorable experience.  With an outstanding 5 star YOTPO consumer feedback rating & our large portfolio of reputable customers includes, but not limited to: Film Producers, First Responders, Law Enforcement, Army, Navy, & DOD. You can count on us to follow through and surpass expectations as well as have an excellent shopping experience both online and in store every time.  We invite you to dive into the drone world, where your ideas become our build!